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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


A unique class for women over 35 to help us manage the years up to menopause and beyond and thrive When practiced regularly,  the sequence will help to regulate your metabolism, reduce hot flashes, relieve stress and fatigue, fall asleep faster, soothe your digestive system, lift brain fog, soothe your thyroid and adrenal glands and build a strong and flexible body for years to come!

Did you know?

  • The onset of perimenopause may occur anytime between 35 and 59 and last between 5 and 15 years

  • Perimenopause is not a disease. It's a natural transition in a woman's life, a time to prioritize what we need and step into our truth

  • We are the first generation of women to live 50 years beyond menopause

  • 70% of women don't have anyone to talk to about perimenopause

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